Tuesday, May 5, 2009

free-for-all week: get up close and personal with an insect

Hi all! We're still recovering from National Poetry Month around here! If you participated in napowrimo, leave us a note in the comments and tell us how it went for you!

In other news, although you may have had your share of prompts the past four weeks, we couldn't resist just one more... Our free-for-all this week is a Moth-based writing prompt: a little research, a little examinaiton, a little poetry. Here's what you are invited to do:

  1. Choose an insect: a moth would be great, but there are so many more! ladybug, ant, beetle, stink bug...
  2. Google your insect. Gather all the information you can: names of body parts, full-color photos, mating habits, gestation periods, habitat, folk lore... Pull together every bit of information you can about your chosen insect.
  3. After you have all your information, write a poem from the viewpoint of the insect.
  4. Stuck? Need some inspiration? Try starting your poem with "When I was a..." or "I am a..."
  5. Of course, as with all of our prompts, these are just suggestions. And this is just a free-for-all. So, as long as your poem is insect related, anything goes. Post a link to your poem all week long. Come back Sunday to see what new poet and new poem we have chosen for the next month's discussion.


Anonymous said...

Hello fellow poets,

I participated in Napowrimo and was hoping we could share a bit about our experiences of the month. I posted a bit about my experience here if you'd like to join in.


Ivy said...

Hello Jill and Carolee,

Thank you so much for letting my poem 'moth' visit with you and your readers for all of April. It's been a real privilege.

Jill said...

It was our pleasure, Ivy! Thank YOU for sharing your great poem with us!