Sunday, May 10, 2009

back on track

Hi, everyone! Even though we stress our relaxed tempo over here at "poem," our hope is to follow a schedule that reasonably resembles a weekly (Sunday) posting. In April, we really didn't make it. April was my month to post, and I spent half of the month in Maine with my mother, father and sister through the final week of my mom's battle with cancer and then, following her death, attending the service and just being together. It's complicated by the fact that I live nine hours away.

When I wasn't there or traveling there, I was at home in New York trying to handle "normal" life with three young boys. It didn't leave much time for things like blogging. Jill did her best to patch up the holes, but her daughter had pneumonia. So we just did the best we could.

With any luck, now, we're back on track. I'm getting ready now to post our poem for discussion. I hope you're still with us! And please be sure to let us know if you'd like to be added under "members" in the sidebar. (You can email Jill at the address she's provided in the sidebar.)