Saturday, May 23, 2009

Call for poems inspired by "Evaporation"

We are so pleased to have been discussing Brent Goodman's poem "Evaporation" this month, and we can't wait to see where the inspirations and challenges have taken you! Leave links to your poems in the comments section of this post, and be sure to go visit the poems of your fellow virtual poetry group members.

Yes, we know this post is going up Saturday, a day early, and we know how much this may shock you. However, Jill is traveling for the holiday weekend (Memorial Day here in the U.S.), and on Sunday, Carolee will be "celebrating" the holiday weekend at a leisurely and delightful cookout with friends. Yes, all day. And into the night.

In case you've missed all the excitement this month, here's how you can catch up: 1) study the poem "Evaporation" and join the discussion; 2) consider the writing prompt and write a poem of your own; and finally, 3) post a link to your poem here!


Anonymous said...

here's a post and poem inspired by both brent goodman's "evaporation" and a book of poems by barbara ras:

long lines, long stanzas

Talia said...

Loosly inspired:

Mike McLaren said...

If evaporation is the cause, the effect then is: