Saturday, February 23, 2008

poem free for all!

Well, it's week four in our poem cycle, time for some fun. Why don't we try a smorgasbord? Pick one and report back with your results!

1. write a poem about a person, place or thing without naming the person, place or thing.

2. find another poem about a name and tell us about it.

3. write a name acrostic--that is, a poem which spells out something in the first letter of each line. ex:

Joy for mothers
is seldom found
lying under
low-flying hairballs.

(first letter of each line spells out my name, Jill.) yes. i know it's a lame poem. i'm kind of tired.

4. write a list poem of all the names you wish you'd had, all the names you've been called, the names of all the personalities you have, etc...

5. write a poem under a psudonym. that is, write a poem from a view point or a voice you would not normally write in, or about a subject you would not normally write about. sort of an anti-you poem.

6. send the poem you wrote about your name to the people who named you.

7. engage in any other creative poetry outlet you feel so inclined to enjoy!

There's a new poem/new poet next month, so stay tuned! And, as always, thank you, everyone, for participating!


Anonymous said...

from Therese Broderick--I regularly attend the monthly poetry open mic hosted by Dan Wilcox in downtown Albany. Last Thursday night, his featured poet was Michael Bostick. Michael read a poem about his name (I think it was entitled "Name"), but he included both his first and last name in his poem, mentioning each name's ethnic origins, and which family member told him about those origins. Michael was mentioned on the books blog of the Times Union newspaper. Here's a link--

Linda Jacobs said...

Lots of cool ideas here! Thanks! I'm on vacation this week so should have time to put something together. I appreciate your efforts!

Anonymous said...


The Phantom said...

I went with an acrostic/hidden message poem: Rooted

Linda Jacobs said...

This has nothing to do with my name; I just went with the moment and had fun with words.



thought i'd submit on the 7th recommendation...

paisley said...

following the phantoms lead,, and the prompt for TOP this week,, i went with an acrostic/hidden message poem:

forgive me...