Sunday, February 10, 2008

poem. prompt based on My Name

Many thanks to everyone who offered their comments, interpretations and impressions of My Name, by Aimee Nezhukumatathil! We can keep the discussion going, if you like!

Now it’s time to write your own poems about your names. Or maybe someone else’s name.

Read My Name again. Jot down the thoughts/images/lines that come to you as you read. No editing (at least in the idea gathering, gotta give your muse a break…)!

Do you remember learning to write your name? Learning what your name meant? Maybe how your parents chose your name? Do people always mispronounce your name? Have you ever thought about changing your name? How do you relate to your name? Do you like it? Hate it?

In her wonderful book, poemcrazy, Susan Wooldridge writes, “Poetry can be about discovering and naming ourselves. And creating a name can be like writing a poem.”

Borrowing from her chapter entitled, our real names, you could try starting a poem with "my real name is," "yesterday my name was," or "tomorrow my name will be."

Of course, feel free to ignore everything we say! These are all just prompts—little sparks to set your creative fire roaring. The real poem will come from you.

Take a week and give it a shot. When we post again next week (on or about February 17), we'll ask you to share what you wrote. In the comments section of that post, you can publish a free write, draft or finished piece, or you can publish a permalink to something on your own blog.

ps: everyone and anyone is welcome to post a name poem. It's ok if you didn't participate in the discussion. We're equal opportunity poets around here!