Friday, January 4, 2008

welcome to poem.

Welcome to poem. a virtual poetry group. jillypoet & carolee, poets, moms, artists, have tried for years to gather our poet friends together for weekly or bi-weekly poetry meetings, to no avail. Everyone has such busy lives. Being two resourceful Northern girls (born and raised on the far east coast where life is tough and women are tougher), we decided to create our own poetry writing/discussion group, right here in the blogosphere.

That's how poem. will work--just like a weekly poetry group, only we have decided to space things out just a bit to accomodate all of our busy lives.

Week one:
At the beginning of every month we will post a link to a poem by a well-known or lesser-known poet. Read and re-read the poem. Take notes. Read it aloud. Make copies and pass them out to friends, family and strangers! Join us all week in discussing the poem. What worked for you, what didn't. Words you liked. Questions you have. A virtual classroom, you might say.

Week two:
We will post a prompt related to the poem.

Week three:
Participants can post the link to their response to the prompt for comment & critique.

Week four:
Week four is a free week. Stop by for surprises.

At the beginning of the next month, we'll do it all over again with a new and amazing poem!

We hope you will join us!


writerwoman said...

Wishing you the best of luck with your new venture.

Mariacristina said...

I like. Will read. And write.

PS Would you be able to change your sign-in so that Wordpress is accepted?

jillypoet said...

thanks writerwoman!

mariacristina: will have to defer to carolee on that. i'm a novice!

Dave said...

*Responding* to other creative work, not merely reviewing it: that's what I really like to see! Hope it works out.

(Seconding mariachristina - I believe that Blogger has a "nickname" option for those of use who want to link directly to our sites, rather than a B.S. Blogger profile. You can enable that from somewhere on your dashboard.)

PDW said...

you guys are right that blogger (it's new) allows people to use their wordpress IDs to sign comments in blogger. i can use my wordpress account at many blogger blogs now, but not all of them ... i will check our dashboard to see how to be one of the cool blogger blogs that kisses wordpress users right on the lips! (did i go too far with the love?)

for example, right now i have to use my blogger ID to submit this comment ... grr...

Anonymous said...

OK. all set. there are two options. one (as it is now) that allows anyone to log-in with their "real" blog identity. it also allows anonymous and "nickname."

then there's another way that only allows the sign-in with wordpress, blogger,live journal, aol, etc. NO anonymous, NO nickname.


susan said...

Please add me as a member.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

love poems aswell!!!

best of luck to you!


i just started to write poems on my blog! thanks for the inspiration:)