Sunday, January 13, 2008

poem. prompt based on "cold poem"

we had so many terrific comments in the discussion of "cold poem" (we can keep it going, by the way!). it is so amazing how much time everyone spent considering the piece and sharing their interpretations and observations. we're really moved by it! thank you.

now it's time for us to do some writing of our own.

read "cold poem" again.

take something out of what it stirs up in you and write your own poem. maybe it's simple: it makes you think literally about bears or winter. how does the cold affect you? or maybe it's more of an analogy. maybe you respond by asking yourself what strips you down to bare bones? what do you need to survive? how do you survive? in the dialogue about the poem, we talked about turning inward, stark reality, hunger, fear, loneliness, devouring.

take a week and give it a shot. when we post again next week (on or about january 20), we'll ask you to share what you wrote. in the comments section of that post, you can publish a free write, draft or finished piece, or you can publish a permalink to something on your own blog.