Monday, March 10, 2008

poem. prompt based on "the putting away of dolls"

This week, draft a poem of your own based on a real or symbolic rite of passage. This can be something in your own life or something unrelated to you that inspires you.

The original poem, part of a collection of poems based on Eskimo mythology, is rich with cultural references about clothing, materials, traditions and roles. We encourage you to reach into your own culture or another culture (in our time or any other time) to enrich to your setting, your character, your metaphors. These details, like those in "The putting away of dolls," will add depth and texture to your piece.

You may want to gather up your words and images before you sit down to write the poem. Begin with the culture you've selected. If it's your own, brainstorm meaningful qualities and traditions, stories about family members, places you've lived and activities you've enjoyed. Consider all the physical details. If you've chosen a culture outside your own, research beliefs, festivals, lifestyles, etc.

You won't use everything you've collected, but if you don't surround yourself with it, you won't be able to convince your readers!

Now think about a rite of passage and imagine yourself there. Immerse yourself. Try to stay in character, time and setting through the entire piece.

Next week, on or around Sunday, we'll post a request for links to what you've created. Have fun! We can't wait to read about your travels, the people you meet, and how their lives are about to change!

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Anonymous said...

from Therese--Hi, poets. Today is the twenty-seventh anniversary of my father's burial. So I wrote a poem about that moment in my life, which I consider to have been a rite of passage. I don't have a private blog on which to post the poem, so if you would like to read it, send me an email and I'll send you the poem. My email address is: