Sunday, March 15, 2009

Time to write your own poems!

First, Carolee and I would like to thank everyone who participated in the great discussion of Denise Duhamel’s Delta Flight 659 last week! The exchange of ideas by a community of varied thinkers is exactly what we had in mind when we envisioned this site!

Now, on to the prompt. After so much discussion, it’s clear there are myriad ways to be inspired by this poem. Will it be a mock sestina using only one end word? A celebrity poem? What poem would you write to help deal with your fears? Perhaps you want to try your hand at a traditional sestina. If so, here’s a quick link.

Whatever Duhamel’s poem inspired in you, write it! And be sure to come back next Sunday, March 22, and post a link to your poem. And, hey, if you have an idea for a prompt related to this poem, leave your idea in the comments section this week. No poems, please! Save those for next week!


christine said...

If anyone wants to write a poem using embedded end words, like Duhamel's, you can go to OneLook Dictionary, and do a search for words that begin with the word or syllable you want to use.

Is that cheating?

jill said...

no! that's not cheating! you still have to come up with lines that ends with those words!

thanks, christine!

ps: my word verification for this comment was "nonon" but don't let that sway anyone from getting a little help!

Marilyn Zembo Day said...

Someone might also, based on the setting of the poem, write about flying, fear of flying, dreams of flying (lots of people have dreams of flying without the aid of mechanical aerodynamic devices). Then there's Erica Jong's novel, "Fear of Flying"-- a whole other prompt!

I've written two poems inspired by Duhamel's poems so far and am chomping at the bit to share them. But, hey, maybe there will be a third by the third week!

Rob said...
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rob kistner said...

Given the poem, in its way, touched upon war and fear -- I have been inspired to offer two poems from a soldier's perspective.

rob kistner said...

Hi - It's the 22nd... just wondering where to post the link to my poems?

Marilyn Zembo Day said...

OK, it's Sunday and I posted my two poems to my new blogsite, If you don't want to read my "commentary" (it's more than just a poetry site for me), then skip further down in the entry to see the two pieces. If you're seeing this after I do another entry, you'll want to look for the entry with "Sestina" included in the title!
I'm looking forward to reading work by others in the group. (Am I "jumping the gun" since I didn't wait for additional post from Carolee or Jill to signal the time to post our links?)

Anonymous said...

hey........ummmm this has nothing do do with this but i have a poem that i'd like youto comment on! plz!
Halloween (Acrostic)

Hunted houses are down the street.
All the kids go trick or treat
Laughter surrounds the place.
Leaves fall from space
Owl’s hoot then disappear in the gloom
Witches choose their fastest broom.
Everywhere surrounds fume.
Even ghosts are with their friends.
Never will this night-mare end.


sheila said... the poem
i'll use it for my project!